Renovated Silk Farm – Argilliers – On the Road to Uzes

Silk Farm SketchThis sketch of an old (renovated) silk-farm (they no longer have any Silk-Production in France…That is another story to tell).  The idea is to capture the basic form and the light source and then to work that up in the studio.

On the right is a finished piece that is completed with watercolour washes (warm yellow base) and springtime colours as well as a pen & Ink line.Silk_Farm_Argilliers

The scene also merits a warm ‘summery’ version which will come in the following weeks if I get time.

The painting is available at (in the shop)


Le Chapel de Begude de St Pierre

Le Chapel de Begude de St Pierre

Limited palette watercolour of the Chapel of St Pierre which is some 500 metres from the Begude de St Pierre – Vers Pont du Gard – 30210 France

Winter in the Dales – Watercolour & Ink

Winter in the Dales

Winter in the Dales - Watercolour
Watercolour and Ink 17 x 20 inches unframed – Copyright a.smith.chaigneau

I painted this over the holiday season having been inspired by the cold but crisp winter sun.  This is work that has been in the pipeline for a while and is one of a series of winter landscapes that I have been working on.  Please visit if you want to purchase a print of the work or the original.